Bucker Equipment Rentals

We offer bucker equipment rentals for cannabis and hemp growers who are looking for a more efficient way to destem your plants with a fraction of the work. These machines speed up the bucking process so you can get those buds to the shelves even quicker!

HPM Bucker

$325 per day
  • outdoor/indoor harvest - high speed

Centurion HPM Bucker

Rentals starting at $325/day

HP refers to “High Performance” and represents our workhorse line of buckers, which include single and triple-workstation options. The high production value of this machines results in the industry’s highest buck rate per hour. The HP line utilizes two rollers that pull the stem into the machine, therefore popping the flowers off. This allows you to continuously feed the bucker for more efficient de-stemming.

The HP Mini Bucker was modelled on the industry leading HP1 Bucker.

Trim Wet
Trim Dry