Do I Need a Grower's License to Rent?

No! We will never ask for a grow, processing, or dispensary license to rent a machine from us. All we need is a valid driver's license.

Can a Machine Match the Quality of Hand?

Don't let others fool you, machine trimming will never match the same quality as hand trimming. However, it offers peace of mind:
-No strangers at your grow
-Machines don't take breaks
-No strangers at your grow
-Machines don't steal
-No strangers at your grow

Unknown individuals at your grow presents risk - they know where your grow is, they know when you harvest, and they know when you will have cash. Machines eliminate this risk!

What is Quantanium?

Quantanium preserves trichomes when trimming dry. 40% more - definitely worth the investment!

To learn more, click here

How Long Is A Rental?

Our rentals are for a 24 hour period. However, we understand that things change so if you need to extend, we are happy to accommodate if we can - just call us!

Do I Clean Before Returning?

No! Bring it to us dirty! There is no reason for you to clean a machine before returning it to us!

Wet or Dry Trim?

Our buckers & trimmers work with both wet and dry trimming. There are pros and cons to deciding on whether to trim wet or dry and we are happy to help you decide.

Wet = minimize storage space, dry quicker
Dry = better bud quality

Can I Rent Over the Weekend?

We offer rentals and returns on the weekend! We understand that harvesting is not an 8-5, M-F job. We are here to accommodate and are available 24/7 to suit your schedule. All we ask for is a two way communication!

Will You Teach Me How To Use The Machine?

Before every rental, we set up the machine and will teach you how to run it! You won't walk out of here and not know what to do, but if you forget, our phones are always on!

Other Machines Eat my Buds, Will Yours?

Our machines will not eat your buds!!!

It is true that a lot of bad trimming machines came out and gave trimming machines in general a bad reputation. Poorly made machines can cause severe damage to the flowers during processing. When trimming dry, most of this damage is due to using stainless steel surfaces as the trichomes will adhere to the metal and get stripped off the flowers. In addition, using a “non-stick” spray or lubricant on your tumblers is bad for the visual appearance, flavor and aroma of your flowers. Cheap blades that are uneven and dull will also cause tearing and damage.

Lastly, machines that require a lengthy processing time (meaning the flowers are in the tumbler for longer) will also cause a lot of damage to the bud. Manufacturers who recommend running machines back to back in tandem only creates the flower needing to travel twice the distance, causing twice the agitation which results in a more damaged flower with significant loss of trichomes.


Do You Deliver?

Typically, we do not offer delivery. If you have a special circumstance, talk to us about it and we will make sure you get a machine!

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