Processing Equipment Rentals

Processing equipment rentals are not only designed to help you maximize your harvest, but also to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.  Let us show you how to take our machines and fully optimize the crop/trim you have at hand. 

Super OG Shredder

$150 per day
  • grind it

Knockbox 3/100

$300 per day
  • roll it

Shrink Sleeve Applicator

$100 per day
  • seal it

Pure Pressure Rosin Press

$250 per day
  • press it

Just Need Processing Supplies?

We have you covered!


Futurola Knockbox 3/100 Pre Roll Machine

Rentals starting at $300/day

Fill 100 Pre-Rolled Cones in 2 minutes with the Futurola Knockbox 3/100 + Standard Filling Kit

Knockbox 3/100 includes:
Knockbox 3/100 Base
Power Cord
Spill Tray

Standard/100 Filling Kit includes:
Standard Filling Device
36mm Mix Tray
Unload Station Plus (Standard/Reefer Size)

Compatible with Standard Futurola Pre-Rolled Cones*:
1 1/4 Size 84/26
Slim Size 98/26 Pre-Rolled Cones
King Size 109/21 + 109/26 Pre-Rolled Cones

*Crown diameter ranging from 11-12.5mm


Futurola Super OG Shredder

Rentals starting at $150/day

Shred and remove stems from 5 pounds in 7 seconds.

Includes 3mm Screen Barrel for the perfect mix consistency to fill Pre-Rolls & Cones.


Futurola Venturi Shrink Sleeve & Steamer Head

Rentals starting at $100/day

Label + seal cones in CUSTOM SHRINK SLEEVES quickly and effortlessly in the CONE LOCK™ VENTURI.

18MM STEAMER HEAD // compatible with CONE LOCK™ 1X TUBES


*custom shrink sleeves not included with machine rental


Pure Pressure Rosin Press

Rentals starting at $250/day

The Pikes Peak V2 is PurePressure's flagship rosin press. It's legendary reputation for reliability, precision, and quality have been built for the past three years, and counting. Engineered to produce premium rosin day in and day out, the Pikes Peak V2 is the superior choice for any operation looking for an incredibly feature-loaded rosin press that's designed to go the distance.

  • Utilizes two 10" x 2.5" premium 6061 aluminum heat plates with independent  thermocouples, 0°F - 300°F evenly distributed heat, and temperature accuracy to 1 degree Fahrenheit
  • 5 tons of force (9,876 lbf @ 120 PSI compressed air) output from our custom fabricated, oil-less, maintenance-free pneumatic cylinder
  • Ability to save up to 29 pre-set recipes in the Pressware™ interface, so once you dial in your settings you can repeat your results identically, instantly

*Note: an air compressor is necessary to run the Pikes Peak rosin press, and it should provide at least 10 PSI, and at least 1.7 CFM airflow, with a tank size of 20 gallons or more. Ask us about renting ours!


*Click here for video instructions